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September 15
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September 1, 2021
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Book Pick
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August 15
New reviews in
The Book Nook,
Illustrated Corner
Odds & Ends and
Voices From the Past

August 1, 2021
Updated Convention Listings

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OLD MAN'S WAR series by John Scalzi

We’ll be posting a handful of questions over the next few months to get you warmed up.  We don’t know yet how many questions you’ll have to answer.  But it will be enough to challenge you and make it fun.  Once our faithful reader has read the whole series, we’ll announce the end of the contest.  You’ll have a period of time to research the answers and submit via email.  We’ll award the Grand Prize to the submission with the greatest number of correct answers.  In the case of a tie, we’ll hold a drawing for names, administered by an independent agency – our 13-year-old granddaughter.

Contest closed May 1, 2021. Click here for the answers

Questions - Set 1

1.       Who were the original “old farts”?  Only first names required.

2.       What did John name his Brainpal? 

3.       John first distinguished himself in an engagement with which race of aliens? 

4.       Who was the first “old fart” to die? 

5.       What was the name of the alien race who took the planet Coral in “Old Man’s War”? 

6.       Who was the first Ghost Brigade soldier John ever met? 

7.       What ship was Jane serving on when she first met John? 

8.       What was John doing the first time he saw his reincarnated wife? 

9.       Who was the first realborn to serve with the Special Forces in an engagement? 

10.   Which of the “old farts” were still alive at the end of “Old Man’s War”? 

Questions - Set 2

1.       Who was the unique Ghost Brigade soldier born without being integrated? 

2.       What was the name of the Rraey who was captured and gave up the traitor’s name? 

3.       Who was the traitor? 

4.       What was the name of Jared’s squadmate whom he loved? 

5.       What are the Obin lacking that make them such an unimaginative species? 

6.       What was the traitor’s goal? 

7.       What did the traitor promise the Obin in exchange for starting a war with humans? 

8.       How did Jared kill the traitor? 

9.       From whom did the Gamerans take their surname? 

10.   What was the name of the traitor’s daughter? 

Questions - Set 3

1.       Why do Hickory and Dickory, the Obin, stay with Zoe?  Or, what is their purpose? 

2.       What were Hickory’s and Dickory’s names before Zoe named them? 

3.       What was the name of the colony where John and Jane went after they retired from the CDF? 

4.       What was the name of the colony they went to as new Colony Leaders? 

5.       Who was Zoe’s new best friend in the new colony? 

6.       What did Perry nickname the indigenous sentient species on the new colony world? 

7.       When the Conclave finally showed up at the new colony world, who was in charge of the fleet and demanded the colony’s surrender? 

8.       After the Conclave’s remaining ship departed, which alien race attempted to attack the new colony? 

9.       After Jane and John were forced from their home on the new colony world, what was the next place they called home? 

Questions - Set 4

1.       What was Zoe’s boyfriend’s name?

2.       How was Enzo killed? 

3.       What did Zoe give the werewolves in order to save Magdy? 

4.       Who did Zoe go to meet in order to find a weapon to defend her colony? 

5.       Who actually gave Zoe the weapon? 

6.       What is the Conclave? 

7.       What did Wilson find when he was tasked to find the black box for the CDF ship that disappeared with the diplomatic team? 

8.       Who was the pilot in the first “brain ship” that the Wilson and the CDF encountered? 

9.       Who attacked Earth station in “The Human Division?” 

10.   How did Wilson and Lowen escape Earth Station? 

Questions - Set 5

1.       Who was the only “brain in a box” to escape the Equilibrium and provide intel to the CDF about the brains? 

2.       What was the name of Rafe’s ship? 

3.       Who killed General Gau? 

4.       Who took over as the leader of the Conclave after General Gau’s death? 

5.       What was the primary goal of the groups known as the Equilibrium? 

6.       Who did Harry Wilson go see on Earth to ask for help to broker a peace between Earth and the Conclave? 

7.       Who was able to convince the pilots of the Equilibrium fleet sent to destroy the Earth to surrender? 

8.       How many books did John appear in? 

9.       How many books did Jane appear in? 

10.   How many books did Harry appear in? 

11.   Which “old fart” appeared in all six books? 

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