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May 1, 2021
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April 1, 2021
Updated Convention Listings

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Learn to Make Amazing Resin & Epoxy Clay Jewelry
(Basic Step-by-Step Projects for Beginners)
by Gay Isber
Fox Chapel Publishing, $15.99, 144pp
Published: July 2020

This book features many DIY projects for those who want to learn to create with resin and epoxy clay. It's a very thorough book for beginners and it introduces many safe and solid practices on working with resin.

The author, Gay Isner, who is an award-winning jewelry designer, begins the book with a history of resin jewelry-making basics and the tools needed to begin; as well as all the different things you can do with the medium. She explains how to make a mold, color and embed objects in your resin for some fun jewelry projects. She details safety, cleaning and storage of your resin and also covers the different reasons why your resin may have issues and won't properly cure in the mold.

Through many step-by-step projects, the author walks you through the details, with pictures and tips to help guide you along the way. I particularly enjoyed the tips and tricks on using items on hand to enhance and experiment with your techniques, like using eyeshadow in lieu of pigment powders for accenting your pieces. This book is loaded with ideas and advice and it's a good place for a beginner to start their journey in creating with resin.

I recently took an interest in wanting to create with resin. I had purchased resin and other items needed to create projects but, as with any new hobby, I wasn't quite sure where to begin on my own. This book arrived at a perfect time and after reading all the different approaches one can take and the fun tips and tricks of the trade, I feel like it's time to start creating.

I think this would serve as a good book for beginners, even if you're not interested in creating any of the author's step-by-step projects, as the knowledge she shares is very helpful.

The only difficulty I ran across was that I read this book in ebook format and some of the layout wasn't quite set up as I anticipate the actual print version would look, which might be easier for some folks to follow. ~~ Dee Astell

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