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May 1, 2021
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April 1, 2021
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The Gift of the Magpie
Meg Langslow #28
by Donna Andrews
St Martin's Press, $25.99, 304pp
Published: October 2020

New York Times bestselling author Donna Andrews returns with another Meg Langslow mystery written "firmly in the grand tradition of Agatha Christie's Christmas books" (Toronto Globe and Mail).

The 28th book and the seventh Christmas mystery in the Meg Langslow series, The Gift of the Magpie is yet another wonderfully merry and funny book from New York Times bestselling author Donna Andrews.

Meg’s running Caerphilly’s Helping Hands for the Holidays project, in which neighbors help each other with things they can’t do and can’t afford to have done. Her hopes for a relatively peaceful (if busy) Christmas vanish when someone murders Harvey the Hoarder, whose house the Helping Hands were decluttering. Was there any truth to the rumor that he had something valuable hidden beneath all his junk? Was one of his friends, neighbors, or relatives greedy enough to murder him for the rumored treasure? And what about the magpie that has been bringing her family bits of tinsel and costume jewelry—does the bird’s latest gift hold a clue to solving the crime?

Full of intrigue, this Christmas mystery will take readers home to Caerphilly, where the suspense falls as thick as the snow.

Meg and her family are back for another adventure. Harry the Hoarder is Helping Hands latest project and Meg is in charge of the crew helping clean out and fix up Harry’s house when Harry ends up murdered.  There are plenty of suspects - the cousin who is champing at the bit to get inside Harry’s house even before Harry dies, the neighbors who kept calling the authorities on Harry over his hoarding and then there is the mysterious woman who claims to be Harry’s online girlfriend. Or perhaps the murder is the result of a long-held grudge over the failure of the bank Harry’s great-grandfather owned that failed in 1933 leaving many people without their money.  Along with Harry’s murder there is the mystery of the magpies missing from the Caerphilly zoo and Meg’s grandfather’s efforts to find them and return them to the zoo. Meg races to solve both mysteries. Another enjoyable entry in the series. ~~ Stephanie L Bannon

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