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May 1, 2021
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April 1, 2021
Updated Convention Listings

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A Ghostly Reunion
Ghostly Southern Mysteries #5
by Tonya Kappes
Witness, $7.99, 338pp
Published: December 2016

This is fifth book in the  Ghostly Southern Mysteries series that tells the tale of Emma Lee Raines, owner of the Eternal Sleep Funeral Home who can see, hear and talk to the ghosts of murdered people.  Her current client is Jade Lee Peel, her high school nemesis, who is murdered on the eve of their high school reunion.  After arriving in town, with reality TV film crew in tow,  Jade makes enemies right and left - from townspeople to her film crew- so it is hardly surprising when she turns up dead.

The regular crew is around.  Emma’s boyfriend, Sheriff Jack Henry Ross, also Jade’s high school boyfriend, who reluctantly accepts Emma’s help as he is the only one who knows she can see the dead. Grandma Zula Mae is her delightful eccentric self with her attempts to land her own reality show and sister Charlotte who left the family  business to join a rival, remains as annoying as ever  but now has secrets and a surprise of her own.

Emma was bit of a bitch at the beginning of this book, moaning about Jade and the past and the Funeral Trauma bit is getting a bit old.  Funeral Trauma - the folks in town think Emma is crazy when they see her apparently talking to herself, a problem easily solved by getting a Bluetooth headset  so she can tell people she was on the phone.  The murderer was not unexpected but also not too obvious. All together another enjoyable read in the series and I especially look forward to the next one, A Ghostly Mortality (review here). ~~ Stephanie L Bannon


For reviews of prior books click title: #1 A Ghostly Undertaking, #2 A Ghostly Grave, #3 A Ghostly Demise and #4 A Ghostly Murder

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