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Cemetery Girl
Book Three: Haunted
by Charlaine Harris and Christopher Golden
Art by Geraldo Borges
Berkley Publishing Group, $24.95, 112pp
Published: August 2018

This is a gorgeous graphic novel with an original story.  This is the third in the trilogy and the story continues with Calexa hiding in the cemetery afraid to return to Lucinda’s house or go to Kelner’s house since his son was so badly injured trying to protect her.  Wracked with guilt and fear, the winter cold is more than she can bear. But staying with Kelner and his son is not acceptable as she is sure she’ll bring more danger to them.  Staying in Lucinda’s house is also a risk.  She finally decides to pursue the lawyer Griggs and see why Lucinda urged her to trust him. And when she finally discovers the secret he’s been keeping for her, no one could be more shocked. 

But Calexa’s life is nowhere near quiet or calm yet; somebody is hunting for her and it’s obvious that they mean to finish the job that was started in the first book – with her death.  What she really wants is to be left alone; she doesn’t care about who she was or who wants her dead.  When Calexa finds the strength to fight back, she finds another use for her ability to speak with the dead – and this one knows who she really is and who wants her dead….and why.  The why is almost more than she can bear and she realizes she can’t deny her history.  Someone’s life might be dependent on her regaining her memory.

While I was happy for a final conclusion to Calexa’s story, I was less enamored with this particular book.  As you might have noticed, the artist changed from the first two books.  The art of the first two was dark and I felt each picture blended into the next giving me a seamless feel for the story.  Part of that was, I think, because each frame was bordered in black.  The frames in this book are bordered in white and makes each panel feel more separate. The panels were much more uniform in size and placement as well.  Overall, I just didn’t enjoy the feel and look of this book as much as the first two.

My other complaint was the size of the book.  It appeared to be twice the length of the previous book but that was deceptive.  The story was really just half the pages; the other half was the exact same story in text. 

But I enjoyed it nonetheless and would easily recommend it.  ~~  Catherine Book

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