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Cemetery Girl, Book One: The Pretenders
Story by Charlaine Harris & Christopher Golden
Art by Don Kramer, Colors by Daniele Rudone
Lettering by Jacob Bascle
$24.95, Graphic Novel, Berkley/Penguin, 118pp
Pub date: January 7 2014
This is a fine new graphic novel by two of my most favorite authors, the first of a trilogy. A young girl is dumped in a cemetery one night, apparently left for dead. But she isn’t. She is, however, now an amnesiac. It occurs to her that since she cannot remember who wants her dead, it would probably be a good idea to stay dead, for a while.

But a girl has to eat, causing her to become a petty thief. She arouses the sympathy of the graveyard caretaker and an old woman. Mostly she just tries to keep her head down and cause no suspicions. This works fine until she witnesses a murder within the cemetery and is conflicted about reporting it; which will, undoubtedly, blow her cover and her new crib in a crypt.

There’s nothing terribly original in this story but the art is worth the trip. And there is a typical supernatural element that might keep it interesting. ~~ Catherine Book

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