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December 15
New reviews in
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The Day after Tomorrow
by Robert Heinlein
Signet, 144 pp

This is a 1949 copyright which was an early book originally titled Sixth Column.

The PanAsians have wiped out all of the leadership of the US with a new and strange weapon that exploded the internal organs of white men. They enslaved the remainder and put them to work on starvation rations. No one can meet or walk about without permission.

Under a mountain in Colorado six men start a revolution in a hidden research facility. They have only two weapons, a form of atomic energy that could be controlled, and the determination to take back their country and save the remaining population. They form a church cult, the only way the subjugated can meet. Set up as an action adventure, it is fun despite being 60 years old, and foretells the growth of The Master. ~~ Pam Allan