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Philip Jose Farmer’s “Tarzan” TRIVIA CONTEST
Updated 11/20/2014

With the posting of Set Six questions, this trivia contest is over.  Our faithful reader has run out of Tarzan stories by Philip Jose Farmer.  Reviews of all the Tarzan books are in our Voices from the Past.  We hope the questions were enough to challenge you and make it fun. But, since no submissions were received by the due date, this contest is officially closed.  I guess I picked too many obscure titles.  Please click here for the questions.  And stay tuned for future trivia contests.


Set One, from A Feast Unknown

1.       1969

2.       His characters cut off testicles and clitoris’ to eat in a ceremony.  Grandrith also eats several questionable things during his journey.

3.       James Cloamby, Lord Grandrith

4.       John Cloamby, aka Jack the Ripper

5.       Dr. Caliban

6.       Enver Noli

7.       The secret to the city of gold, Ophir, and, possibly, the secret of his youth.

8.       Clio

9.       1888

10.   Sub-humans called The Folk

11.   Patricia ‘Trish’ Wilde

12.   A leopardess

13.   His wife, Clio

Set Two, from Lord of the Trees

1.       Murtagh

2.       Mubaniga

3.       An atomic-powered inductive-field generator of Doc Caliban’s design.

4.       Dick

5.       Pauncho van Veelar and Barney Banks

6.       Porky Rivers and Jocko Simmons

7.       Barbara Villiers and Carlos Cobb

8.       A biobomb

9.       XauXau, Anana, Ing, Iwaldi, Mubaniga, Yeshua, Shaumbim, Jiizfan and Tilatoc.

10.   Duchess of Cleveland, Countess Castlemaine

11.   Iwaldi

12.   A rejuvenation serum

Set Three, from The Adventure of the Peerless Peer

1.       Serving on staff at a military hospital in London

2.       They had been moved to a place of safety in Holmes’ retirement villa in Sussex downs.

3.       Sauerkraut

4.       His adopted son

5.       Bees

6.       Lord Saltire

7.       As a baby, he smeared his inky fingerprints on the pages of his father’s diary.

8.       60,000 English pounds

9.       Sir Henry Curtis and naval Captain John Good, of Allan Quatermain’s expedition

10.   How did Holmes save the party from death from bees?  He disguised himself as a bee and communicated with them by dancing

11.   John Watson

Set Four, from Mother Was a Lovely Beast

1.       n’k

2.       With a Gomangani witch doctor, Mbonga

3.       K’l

4.       No, Farmer included essays

5.       Feral man

6.       Gene Wolfe

7.       Scream of the Condor

8.       William Charles Mildin, 14th Earl of Streatham

Set Five, from Lord Tyger

1.       Ras is Amharic for Lord, and Tyger was part of his true family’s name.

2.       Dwarfs from a traveling circus

3.       Mariyam and Yusufu

4.       Boygur

5.       Jib

6.       To avenge his mother’s death

7.       A helicopter

8.       Gilluk, the king of the Sharrikt

9.       Eeva Rantnen

Set Six, from The Dark Heart of Time

1.       Lt. Obergatz of the German East African Army

2.       Jelke Helmson

3.       Ben-go-utor

4.       Rahb

5.       James Stonecraft

6.       He believed Tarzan had the secret of immortality

7.       The Ghost Frog’s belly

8.       He believed it to be an alien creature possibly left behind from aliens who visited Africa long ago.

9.       With a phone call; Stonecraft apparently keeled over, maybe a heartattack

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