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Contest Ended 11/30/2013
Answers here

Our contest is officially over; thanks to everyone who participated.  I had fun and I hope you did, as well.  Our winner, with 100% correct answers, is Jon from Scottsdale, Arizona.  Congratulations, Jon!
The answers are here.  We’ll leave the questions on the page so anyone can test their Callahan knowledge for fun.  Stay posted for future trivia contests.


Set One    Set Two    Final Set

Set One

1.      What was the title of the very first Callahan story?

2.      Where does Spider Robinson live? 

3.      What is God’s Blessing?

4.      What or who is Ralph von Wau Wau? 

5.      What is the name of Jake’s guitar?

6.      What was Jake’s second wife’s name? 

Set 2

1.      What was Mary’s profession? 

2.      What was Pyotr?

3.      What was the name of Jake’s first new bar? 

4.      Who brought Long-Drink to Callahan’s for the first time? 

5.      What did Jake name his baby? 

6.      Who was the second alien to come into Callahans? 

7.      Who did Doc Webster marry? 

Final Set

1.      Who was “the guy with the eyes?” 

2.      Who were Mary’s parents? 

3.      What was Arethusa? 

4.      What was Maureen’s husband’s profession? 

5.      What kind of bomb destroyed Callahan’s Bar?  And who provided it?

6.      Who is Solace? 

7.      Who introduced Long-Drink to his wife, Helen? 

8.      What were the MacDonald brothers names and what was their talent? 

9.      Josie Bauer was a time-traveler to the bar, who did Spider hint was her father? 

10.   Callahan once had a trans-dimensional device installed in the bar without his permission.  What did it look like? 

11.   Who was Pixel visiting when he met up with Erin? 

12.   What did Jake and the gang use to finally disable the threat to the universe in Callahan’s Key

13.   What was Marty’s profession when he met the gang for the first time? 

14.   What was the name of the new bar in Key West? 

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