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Traditional SF convention.
Labor Day weekend
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July 1, 2020
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June 1, 2020
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Roger Ebert
With great respect and sadness I say goodbye to Roger Ebert. Rest in peace. You fought one hell of a fight in the last few years and we will miss you.

I remember back to the days of "Sneak Previews" & the follow on of "Siskel & Ebert". Watching as a child, getting so much great information on what was playing. The sad day after Gene had left due to health when we heard the news of his passing. The seeing you push on and keep going without your long time cohort. It would be great to be able to see the two of you in the eternal space that abounds us, once again giving the "Two Thumbs Up". Watching you give such strong, yet comforting at times, talk on what was good and bad in a film. You were not mean or spiteful and did not take personal attack shots at people. You would, however, call them out on occasion, but in a respectful way. This is good. We all need to be called out now and then.

Go forward into the next plain of existence, my great mentor. You have given me and a great number of critics so much to strive for. Without you, I might have never written a review. You taught so many the right way to do it. I hope we, as a group, can strive to meet your level both in reviewing & in dignity and respect to and from our peers. ~~ Richard Bolinski

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