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Judge Dredd: Crusade & Frankenstein Division
Grant Morrison, Mark Millar, Carlos Ezquerra, Mick Austin
Simon and Shuster, $16.99, 96pp
Release Date: February 14, 2012

This graphic novel contains the multi-part stories Crusade and Frankenstein Division. Originally published by 2000AD a division of Rebellion A/S progs 868-871 & 928-937.

I was pleased to find that the writing and art of this graphic novel was of the highest quality. The art work makes you think you are viewing images in a gallery. The stories are written in so similar a way I was checking to verify that they were actually different people.

Crusade deals with the various cities sending judges to investigate the crashing of a long missing spaceship. The various judges are very combative about who gets there first and attack each other generally without needing any provocation. Everyone knows Dredd wins but even he is surprised by what he finds.

Frankenstein Division deals with an escaped monster (a bio-engineered judge). Dredd has to try to stay alive as he battles the greatest judge ever created.

If you are a fan of Judge Dread then this has my Highest Recommendation. ~~ Bob LaPierre

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