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Genre Related Kickstarter Campaigns
Updated 11/01/2016
We thought it might be fun to have a listing of just those Kickstarter campaigns that are related to Science Fiction, Fantasy, Comics and whatever else looks interesting to us.  So here they are:

Hwoarang's Room
Support a New Artist and his project "Hwoarang's Room" a Hip Hop Anime Series Tekken themed by Hwoarang for multiple musical Projects.
Ends: Nov 20, 2016
From: Los Angeles, CA

Re-Launch of Tezuka's - Under the Air (Classic Manga)
Localizing and publishing Osamu Tezuka’s dark anthology works. Prepare yourself! And a special reintroduction to: The Crater !!!
Ends: Nov 26, 2016
From: Gardena, CA

Love at First Sight, a BL Manga
This is a totally original comic by S.S. Princess, illustrated by Amanduur! It is a light and fluffy BL romance! Enjoy!
Ends: Nov 27, 2016
From: The Woodlands, TX


The Dragon Knight – The 8th Imaginarium Geographica Book
THE DRAGON KNIGHT is the newest addition to James A. Owen's bestselling Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica series of YA novels.
Ends: November 1, 2016
From: Snowflake AZ

Empyreome Magazine
Empyreome is a quarterly online magazine dedicated to publishing high quality science fiction, fantasy, and other speculative fiction.
Ends: Nov 11, 2016
From: Plymouth Meeting, PA

Kevin J. Anderson Presents Empire's Rift by Steve Rzasa
Legendary science fiction authors and the makers of Takamo Universe have joined forces to transform the game universe into written word
Ends: Nov 28, 2016
From: Lincoln, NE

An anthology of science fiction and fantasy stories by writers from Bristol and the Caribbean. With pirates, obviously. Arrr!
Ends: Nov 30, 2016
From: Trowbridge, UK


Strange Romance Comics: Print Edition
Strange Romance is an anthology of love stories set in the worlds of SF and fantasy, by up and coming and established talent!
Ends: Nov 17, 2016
From: Toronto, Canada

WAR MONSTERS! Mike Wolfer's Kaiju Comic Classic Returns!
The entire 11-issue run of DAIKAZU is collected for the FIRST time! 3 huge trade paperbacks! Nearly 400 pages of giant monster mayhem!
Ends: Nov 18, 2016
From: Wyoming, DE

Samurai Grandpa - A Complete Graphic Novel
An old samurai sets out on one last adventure to rescue his kidnapped granddaughter from an old foe. Old Man Logan meets Samurai Jack.
Ends: Nov 24, 2016
From: Long Island, NY

GWAR: Orgasmageddon - the Scumdogs conquer comics!
Metal shock rock legends GWAR wreak havoc through time, shape human history, and KILL EVERYTHING in a new full-color comics series!
Ends: Nov 25, 2016
From: New York City, NY

Empire Games + Comics
Starting a Games/Comic Retail Store -Specializing in Magic: The Gathering -Sales of Comics-Games -Including Hosting Tournaments
Ends: Dec 10, 2016
From: Frisco, TX


2017 NWI Comic-Con
Help crowdfund the NWI Comic-Con for the love of Comics, Art, Pop-Culture and the support of the Northwest Indiana Comics Community.
Ends: Nov 14, 2016
From: Schererville, IN

ChupacabraCon 4
ChupacabraCon is Austin's premier Analog Gaming con! Meet, play with and learn from top RPG authors, game creators and more!
Ends: Nov 15, 2016
From: Austin, TX

A Clockwork Christmas
I am organizing a steampunk convention around Christmas time. We will build a steampunk Santa's sleigh for greeting cards.
Ends: Nov 27, 2016
From: Knoxville, KY


New Movie THE SKY HAS FALLEN No CGI Horror Film
A post-apocalyptic love story. Award-winning horror film. No CGI. Get your name in the credits!
Ends: Nov 13, 2016
From: Springfield, MO

The TNG Project: A Star Trek Fan Production
CBS has made it clear they want to see projects like this one work. This is a real fan made production.
Starfleet Studios, the team that brought you RAVEN: Voyager Continues and His Name is Mudd, now brings you…
The TNG Project – A Star Trek Fan Production
Ends: Nov 24, 2016
From:  Boone, IA

Cockpit - Indie Sci-Fi Action / Horror Feature Film
If you liked Aliens, Memento, and Battlestar Galactica, we need you. We already made a short, you decide if we shoot a feature film.
Ends: Nov 30, 2016
From: Los Angeles, CA


CANASTICUS - The Personalised, Tactical, Fantasy Card Game
Canasticus is a Fantasy Card Game Played With 108 Cards, Wizards, Elves, Assassins, etc. The Cool Part - One Will Be Drawn as YOU !
Ends: Nov 1, 2016
From: London, UK

Real Fantasy GPS mobile game
Our groundbreaking new GPS mobile game is now available. Players are loving it and we want to add some cool new features!
Ends: Nov 3, 2016
From: Las Vegas, NV

Dark Fantasy Board Game with a classic RPG feel. Wandering outcasts look for trouble in the grim, monster-infested Würstreich!
Ends: Nov 12, 2016
From: Portland, OR

Smiths of Winterforge: A game for 2-5 dwarven blacksmiths
Smiths of Winterforge is a euro-style, management game for 2-5 players where you control one of the six dwarven guilds of Winterforge.
Ends: Nov 15, 2016
From: Brisbane, Australia

Fantasy Renaissance Modules II - Toad God Series
Fantasy adventure modules for 5th Edition, Dungeon Crawl Classics, Swords & Wizardry, Castles & Crusades, Pathfinder, and Savage Worlds
Ends: Nov 16, 2016
From: St Paul, MN

Buccaneer: The Card Game
This is a card game for people who are into pirates, treasure maps, storms, monkeys, and treasure.
Ends: Nov 18, 2016
From: Los Angeles, CA

Hexmaze - Strategy Game
Hexmaze: a tile-based abstract strategy board game - Building a road has never been trickier
Ends: Nov 18, 2016
From: Paris, France

Survive The Horde Party Game
Survive The Horde is a 2-8 player party game that features ridiculous zombies and uncooperative survival. You can even play undead.
Ends: Nov 22, 2016
From: Seattle, WA


The Anime Fantasy Art of Fuzichoco
Delve into the magical worlds of renowned Japanese artist and illustrator, Fuzichoco, with our collector quality jigsaw puzzles.
Ends: Nov 3, 2016
From: Lebanon, PA

EDITOR’S PICK: Building a Hobbit Hole Bed and Breakfast
Step out of everyday life, and into the Shire. Have a chance to spend the night in a Hobbit Hole. Make Fantasy a reality.
Ends: Nov 10, 2016
From: Salem, OR

Kingdoms of Erden Playing Cards
Fantasy playing cards from the game world of Erden.
Ends: Nov 23, 2016
From: Oklahoma City, OK

Fantasy Adult Coloring Book Gaming Art
A fun collection of unique fantasy art for people who love table-top RPGs, fantasy, and coloring.
Ends: Nov 25, 2016
From: Columbus, OH


WiLoader : The WiFi Programmer for AVR !
The new generation of programmers that use WiFi instead of cables. Program, control and monitor Robots, AVR and Arduino over WiFi.
Ends: Nov 7, 2016
From: Pasadena, CA

Hicat.livera - Start making your first machine vision robot
The reason we create Livera is to bring low cost machine vision to let more people DIY their own robot, spoting and collecting more fun
Ends: Nov 16, 2016
From: Shenzhen, China

Root - A robot to teach coding
Root is more than just a robot that drives on walls. It turns paper or whiteboards into an intuitive and interactive coding experience.
Ends: Nov 29, 2016
From: Cambridge, MA


Meridian Folding Solar Panel System-Power System
Large Scale Folding Solar Panel System for Backup & Temporary Power. Transport-Temporary-Quick Deploy
Ends: Nov 1, 2016
From: Norco, CA

X200 Power-Hub | Clean, Green Portable Energy System
The X200 Power-Hub gives you the freedom to charge mobile devices, electronics, and even small appliances - anywhere, anytime.
Ends: Nov 17, 2016
From: Pleasanton, CA

NASA Rover Challenge - The Epiphany
Team Epiphany is creating an expeditionary rover to be entered into NASA's 2017 Rover Challenge competition!
Ends: Dec 11, 2016
From: Denver, Co


Cyan Eyed: An animated steampunk adventure!
Cyan Eyed is a short visually stunning, steampunk themed, action animation from filmmaker and VFX industry veteran, Ryan Grobins.
Ends: Nov 4, 2016
From: Adelaide, Australia

Steampunk Universe: A fully diverse steampunk anthology
A diverse steampunk anthology from your favorite award-winning authors featuring disabled and aneurotypical characters.
Ends: Nov 6, 2016
From: Dayton, OH

Steampunk Inspired Jewelry One Of A Kind Handmade Pieces
Beautiful one of a kind steampunk jewelry designs using vintage watch parts, I create cufflinks, necklaces, earrings, rings, and more..
Ends: Nov 23, 2016
From: Seattle, WA

Victorian Bareknuckle League
A Kill Bill style revenge tale set against the backdrop of a Steampunk Street Fighter tournament!
Ends: Nov 24, 2016
From: Budapest, Hungary

Book of Nox - Voyage to Mirovia
This is the first expansion for Book of Nox, a Victorian horror dungeon crawler and will bring an aquatic steampunk element to the game
Ends: Nov 27, 2016
From: Gloucestershire, UK

The Sewing Steampunk Seamstress
I want to ensure sewing skills do not diminish amongst people old or young so want to build a mobile teaching studio, steampunk style!
Ends: Nov 30, 2016
From: West Midlands, UK


At Zombiewear Shop, our shirts and art work designs combine the horror of the zombie world with just the right amount of humor.
Ends: Nov 10, 2016
From: Huntsville, AL

Zombie Overkill Death Squad 2017 Calendar
Zombie comic calendar
Ends: Nov 30, 2016
From: Mansfield, OH

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