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Secret of the Dragon's Wings
Dragon Secrets #6
by Derek Hart
LuLu, $25.99, 204pp
Published: February 2019

Secret of the Dragon’s Wings is the final installment in the adventures of Gavin Kane, Emily Scott, and Bunty Digby, seventeen-year-olds who struggle with their daily lives in England during the pivotal year of 1945. The war in Europe is drawing to a close as the German military begins to collapse. The Allies are closing in on Berlin and the Japanese have lost almost all of the land they conquered four years earlier. The Cornish teenagers have repeatedly defeated the forces of evil, but are faced with the last desperate gasp of sick and deranged minds within the collapsing fortress inside Nazi Germany.

Secret of the Dragon’s Wings also brings to a climax the wonderful friendship and alliance between this teenaged trio and their beloved dragon ally, Thaddeus Osbert. Unfortunately, Thaddeus must face the irreversible consequences of man’s meddling with atomic energy. The old dragon fears for the very survival of humanity, but in the most desperate hours of danger, help comes from unexpected friends within the magical kingdom and beyond the very portals of time and space. As the forces of light and darkness wage a war of everlasting consequences, Gavin Kane stands beside his beloved Thaddeus and Camelot’s legendary King Arthur, whose true identity comes as quite a surprise.

Welsh, Cornish and Breton tradition claimed that Arthur never really died, but would inexorably return to lead his people against their enemies when the fate of their nation was at stake. Be prepared for one final battle, which will decide the fate of mankind and every remaining dragon in the universe, with a twist that will forever change your view of history.

Over the course of this series Gavin, Emily and Bunty have grown from children into young adults who hold the fate of mankind’s future in their hands.  They have fought evil and prevailed but now they face their greatest challenge from evil forces even as the war comes to an end both in Europe and the Pacific.  There is joy and sadness and finally hope for the future.

This is a delightful series for both young and older readers, a great way for children to learn both the history and the folly of war.  The author indicates that there will, in the future, be another book of stories relating Thaddeus’ adventures over the centuries before the events of this series and I look forward to reading it. The whole series is highly recommended. ~~ Stephanie L Bannon

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