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Shattered Bonds
Jane Yellowrock #13
by Faith Hunter
Ace, $7.99, 400pp
Published: October 2019

After the last book’s end it was wonderful to know that the series would continue and we would not be left hanging on Jane’s ultimate fate.  Jane has retreated to the Appalachian Mountains to try and heal both physically and emotionally. Yellowrock Clan has moved into a vineyard property and the guys, Eli, the Kid and Bruiser, are busy with remodeling the place to house them all - human, magic and vampire - safely.  But ill or not, Jane cannot completely escape her responsibilities as the Dark Queen as vampire politics drag her back into the middle of the fray. European vampires slip into the US and several of Jane’s allies and family are threatened or kidnapped. Jane must fight both her physical weakness from her illness and powerful foes to save those she loves.

I love this series. The end of the last book was a downer but this book indicates we can expect several more Jane Yellowrock books which is wonderful. I am not ready to bid goodbye to Jane and the family she has made for herself. The whole series is highly recommended but be sure to start with book 1 so as to appreciate how Jane and her friends grow and mature, not to mention that while each book is a “self-contained” adventure for the most part there is a long, overriding story arc starting with book that only makes sense if you read them all and in order. ~~ Stephanie L Bannon

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