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Dark Heir
Jane Yellowrock #9
by Faith Hunter
Roc, $7.99, 384pp
Published: April 2015

Jane Yellowrock is a Cherokee skinwalker who shares her body and soul with Beast, a mountain lion she merged with at age 5. No one is completely sure how old she is. Currently she lives in New Orleans, works for the vampire Master of the City, Leo Pellissier as his Enforcer, whose job it is to wrangle (or kill) rogue vampires.  If you have not read the previous eight books in the series  this is definitely not the place to start. While each book is more or less a self-contained story they build upon each other making it imperative to have read  the previous books in order to understand the underlying plot of this and future novels. Start with Skinwalker and treat yourself to the wonder of watching Jane grow as a character as well as watching the overlying plot grow book by book.

This entry starts with non-stop action as one of the “big bads” held in Leo’s basement escapes and leaves a path of destruction and death through New Orleans as it seeks blood to heal. Along with the need to track down the Son of Darkness there are other problems for Jane and her partners to deal with - a potential international incident between the vampires of Europe and the Master of the City of New Orleans and the upcoming witches conference for which Yellowrock Securities will be handling security. On a personal front, after years of being alone Jane is learning how to have a relationship with Bruiser as well as her growing family relationship with the Younger brothers..

This is a wonderful entry in the series and I am so glad I have the next two in the series on hand. This is a highly recommended series ~~ Stephanie L Bannon

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