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Secret of the Dragon's Teeth
The Dragon Series #5
by Derek Hart
Smashwords, $19.95, 354pp
Published: November 2016

From the cover: “The Secret of the Dragon’s Teeth continues the friendship and alliance between this teenage trio and their wonderful mentor, Thaddeus Osbert. The dragon has proved adroit at looking after the teens, while also juggling the expectations of his own species. Thaddeus commits himself to take an active part in deciding the outcome of the war, while he also discovers that some of his fellow dragons are conspiring against humanity. Right in the midst of the Normandy invasion, Sir Osbert adds his incredible powers to help sway the odds. Likewise, Gavin accepts his role as the wielder of the enchanted sword of King Arthur and finally confronts the evil wizard Adicus Schinagel, with unexpected results.”

The action is building in both the mundane war and the magical one as the Allies mount the Normandy invasion. Our teens learn more about their destinies and each other as we learn more about their pasts. We also learn more about Sir Osbert’s past and powers. And there are hints of dark things to come in book six.

This is a wonderful series for both young and old readers. A delightful mix of magic, high adventure and history. Highly recommended. ~~ Stephanie L Bannon

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