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Secret of the Dragon's Scales
The Dragon Series #4
by Derek Hart
iUniverse, $16.95, 248pp
Published: June 2011

From the cover: “Secret of the Dragon's Scales continues the adventures of Gavin Kane, Emily Scott, and Bunty Digby, fifteen-year-olds who make the best of their young lives in England during the autumn of 1943. World War II rages on, but the tide seems to have turned in favor of the Allies. Three times previously, the teens have defeated Nazi plans to defeat England using evil magic, and three times, there have been new alliances formed with creatures from the hidden worlds of legend and fable. Yet once again, Heinrich Himmler is determined to unleash another strange and horrible weapon from deep within Nazi Germany, while halfway across the world, Allied armies are now tenaciously fighting the Japanese Empire.”

It is the fall of 1943 and the Allies are making progress in the war against the Germans and Himmler recognizes that he must send the monsters from the rift against the Allies even if they do not have full control of them. Himmler’s wizard, Adicus Shinagle realizes he must eliminate Gavin, Emily and Bunty if the Germans are to prevail in this latest Battle of Britian.

Once again Mr. Hart has merged history with fantasy to create an enchanting and engrossing read. This series is an excellent fantasy series for both adults and young readers and one which I would recommend highly to parents as a wonderful series to share with their children. When I originally read these to my nephews parts of the story led to some serious discussions with my older nephew about right and wrong and honor with the young characters in these books providing examples we can all hope today’s young (and not so young) people will follow.  Even if you don’t have children I urge you to read these, you will find Thaddeus Osbert and his sweet tooth as enchanting as any young reader does. ~~ Stephanie L Bannon.

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