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Black Water
A Jane Yellowrock Collection
by Faith Hunter
InterMix, Kindle $2.99, 113pp
Published: September 2014

This ebook contains two fairly long short stories and one shorter vignette giving us some background on Jane Yellowrock, a shapeshifting skinwalker and vampire hunter turned vampire enforcer.

First up is the title story, Black Water, which finds Jane returning to a small Louisiana town to take on some unfinished business from a werewolf hunt that involved Rick LaFleur’s family. She hunts an escaped convict with the help of a werewolf and a huge dog.  This story reminded me why I enjoyed the Jane Yellowrock series so much and I will be looking them up to re-read.

Snafu is a short vignette from Jane’s early years covering her arrival for her first day of work as an apprentice private investigator and being accosted on the street by two wannabe street thugs.

Off the Grid tells the story of Jane’s rescue of a vampire captured by a religious cult. This story is also the reason I went looking for this collection as it introduced us to Nell Ingram who went on to be the primary character of her own series, Soulwood.  It is also the first time we meet the vampire Yummy. While Nell and her powers do not play a large part in this story, we get just enough of a glimpse of the mysterious, solitary Nell to really want to know even more about her.

Overall this is a must for the serious Jane Yellowrock fan and actually can easily act as an introduction to the series itself. ~~ Stephanie L Bannon

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