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Seriously Shifted
by Tina Connolly
TOR Teen, $17.99, 240pp
Published: November 2016

Camellia Anna Stella Hendrix is a typical 10th grade girl with a crush on the new boy at school. There’s only one problem:  Cam lives with a witch – a seriously wicked witch -- who thinks Cam is also a witch.  "I am not a witch," Cam has told herself since she was 5 years old and found out she’d been kidnapped away from her real family to become free labor for the witch. 

It’s been two weeks since Cam discovered she really is a witch.  She banished a demon from Devon (the new boy), saved her school from a Phoenix explosion, and learned that The Witch, Sarmine, seriously is her real mother.   She’s more than ready to get back to her normal routine.  She was hanging the snakeskins up to dry when the first witch rang the doorbell and, soon, the biennial meeting of “The Do-Badders Club” is called to order in her living room.   Of the three witches who’d gone to college with Sarmine, the worst and most evil was Malkin who has proposed a winner-take-all-magical-things contest.  Even worse, they’ve targeted Cam’s friends at school as the victims of their evil contest.  You see, it’s all a plot for the most evil witch to win the most magical things so she can take over the world.  But worst of all, Cam must now learn spells to keep this from happening -- without compromising her own Good Witch Ethics.  Surprisingly, Sarmine agrees to work with Cam to keep Malkin (or any of the other witches) from winning, all the while making it look like she’s participating in the epic witch battle. 

The first day of the contest, Cam finds out that her best friend Jenah is one of the targeted victims undergoing public humiliation.  But the eternally optimistic Jenah is going to be one tough nut to crack.  Sneaking off to the restroom, Cam uses her Unicorn-hair Sanitizer to clean the spaghetti sauce from Jenah.  They’re caught in the act of this good witchery by Henny, one of the other unfortunate victims.  In exchange for her secrecy, Cam agrees to make a love potion so that Leo, the star quarterback of the high school football team will notice Henny.  Suddenly things get much more complicated.

Cam has until Friday to foil the witches’ evil plot, save her friends from despair and her school from being destroyed, all while learning spells, learning to ride her new flying bicycle, keeping Leo from falling in love with her (one of the problems with administering a love potion), helping Devon’s band win the Battle of the Bands, and overcoming Devon’s jealously of Leo so that she can get a date with Devon.

Seriously Shifted is seriously wonderful!  The appendix includes several of the spells that Cam learned and her final list of  “Good Witch Ethics”.  As an adult reader of this imaginative, entertaining, and funny “young adult” novel, this second in Tina Connolly’s “Seriously” series delighted me (seriously)!  ~~ Marie Davis

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