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Heart of Stone: The Truthseers
by Debra Mullins
TOR, $15.99, 313 pp
Published: October 2014

I actually delayed reading this book because the synopsis (and the cover art of a long-haired, well-muscled man with a great butt) made it feel like one of those clichéd romance novels that I don’t like.  What made me finally open the cover was a rainy day with nothing to do but housework or read this book I’d been putting off.  (The book won.)  It wasn’t the least bit what I expected – I was instantly immersed in this story and read the entire novel that day!

Of the modern-day descendants of the refugees from Atlantis, there are the Mendukati and the Seers.  These two groups have developed powers beyond those of mere humans.  They hate each other.  They are sworn enemies based on their own separate legends regarding the fall of Atlantis.   

Faith is a Stone Singer raised by the Mendukati after being orphaned at a young age.  Stone singers use the power of the earth for the good of all people, human and Atlantean.  Faith’s husband has other plans for her talent and tries to force her to destroy a Seer family.  The forces of their powers clash and an unfortunate accident happens.

Faith comes under the protection of Ben, a Native American silversmith and jewelry artist in Albuquerque who knows about her powers.  He also knows that the Mendukati are looking for her because she is the last stone singer alive.  They want to use her power to destroy all Seers.  They send Corinne to take Faith hostage and a war of wills and powers ensues.  Corinne lets loose with lightning bolts and sets fire to the store where Faith works.  My favorite line in the book “She was, to put it simply, bat-shit crazy.”  In walks Darius, a Seer, who by all rights should be Faith’s enemy.  Instead he rescues her and takes her away to protect her and enlist her help to protect the Seers.  His family has one of the three Stones of Atlantis in their possession and only Faith can learn its secrets.

To my delight, this was not a clichéd romance novel.  This is a wonderful and believable story of a woman who lives by her morals and her strength.  This is also a story of a man and a woman who find themselves bound by trust, family, and mutual attraction.   This was an exciting and suspenseful adventure that I couldn’t put down!  ~~ Marie Davis

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