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Willow Tate #5: Sand Witches in the Hamptons
by Celia Jerome
Daw, $7.99, 320pp
Publication Date: October 2, 2012
This is the fifth, and so far last, installment in the Willow Tate series following Trolls in the Hamptons, Night Mares in the Hamptons, Fire Works in the Hamptons and Life Guards in the Hamptons(click titles for reviews)

Over the course of a very hectic summer, Willow “Willy” Tate has dealt with a big red troll, night mare horses, fire setting bugs, a sea monster and a bird fish, Oey, that thinks several humans are his/her pets. Willy is a Visualizer whose talent for drawing fantastic creatures sometimes bring them into our world from theirs. She never wanted the supernatural powers she inherited but she doesn’t seem to have much choice - both she and the creatures all seems drawn to her childhood home, Paumanok Harbor, a town filled with people with supernatural powers.

Staying in her Manhattan apartment while finalizing details about her current book, Willy finds herself with several problems, the long distance, every other weekend relationship with handsome vet Matt Spencer is not going as smoothly as she would like, she is having spontaneous nosebleeds resulting in a rash wherever the blood touches her skin and she has acquired a stalker who seems to be seriously deranged. About to flee home to the relative safety of Paumanok Harbor, she gets a phone call from her father who presents her with an older half sister that no one but him knew about for all these years and, oh yes, she needs to get to Paumanok Harbor to get help with her power that is slowly driving her crazy. So, off Willy goes, headed home with a sister who looks so much like her everyone will know her father fooled around, no one wants to tell Willy’s mother about her ex-husband’s pre-marital escapade and itching like crazy from the rash. Once home she finds out that everyone that was involved in vanquishing the sea monster in the last book has the same rash, the town’s beaches are disappearing at an alarming rate jeopardizing the town’s existence, both physically and financially, the CDC and EPA are investigating, Matt’s ex-wife is in town and the stalker is getting closer. Willy figures out that minuscule sand people are stealing the sand and won’t bring it back until they get what they want, but exactly what is it that they want? Whatever it is, the town, yet again, expects Willy to save the day.

These books are fast-paced and quick reads. Over the course of five books, published over the span of two years, we are drawn into Willow’s world, the townspeople become our friends and we eagerly await Willow’s next adventure. With two years having passed without a new entry in the series one can only hope the Ms. Jerome has not given up on this series. Highly recommended. ~~ Stephanie L Bannon

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