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Willow Tate #4: Life Guards in the Hamptons
by Celia Jerome
Daw, $7.99, 320pp
Publication Date: May 1, 2012
Following close on the events of the previous book, Fire Works in the Hamptons (click title for review) we find Willy back in Manhattan trying to ignore the news from her childhood home town of Paumanok Harbor, as well as her uncertainty about her love life and handsome vet Matt Spencer. But it isn’t easy to ignore events and concentrate on her latest graphic novel.  First there is the crime wave that is sweeping the area, store break-ins and holdups, yet no one can describe the robbers.  Then there are reports of a strange new breed of dolphin that is attacking humans, but not injuring them. Finally there is the rare bird that has tourist, bird watchers and government agencies trampling her grandmother’s farm fields and clogging their private lane with traffic as well as having its raucous cry keep her family awake at night. Still, she is determined to stay safely in Manhattan until chiggers (the result of the adventures in the previous book) drive her reluctantly home in search of a remedy.

There she finds out that the rare bird everyone is searching for is even rarer than they think -and may be another one of the creatures called from the other side by her drawings. Add in a missing  professor, a sea monster, a massive shipwreck, Willy’s oddball family, the eccentric townspeople and romance with Matt, and Willy is off on yet another adventure.

What can I say? I love this series. Having found the last book in the series, Sand Witches in the Hamptons. (Click title for review), in the for-sale pile at the library I quickly snapped it up and searched on-line to see how many others I had missed, finding only this one. Highly  recommended. ~~ Stephanie L Bannon

Other titles in the series - #1 Trolls in the Hamptons and #2 Night Mares in the Hamptons

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