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Willow Tate #2: Night Mares in the Hamptons
by Celia Jerome
DAW, $7.99, 320pp
Publication Date: May 3, 2011
Night Mares in the Hamptons takes place almost immediately following the events in Trolls in the Hamptons. (Click title for review)

Willy is trying to get back to normal but it is hard considering she is still staying in her mother’s house in Paumanok Harbor while trying to come to grips with being a Visualizer whose drawings of fantastic beings have an unfortunate habit of becoming real. Further she is trying to figure out if she really should marry Grant, the dashing British agent, who turned out to not only be rich but a British Lord with an estate and title! Compounding her problems is the violence sweeping the town, depression, anger, fights and insomnia. People describe seeing white mares that bring a wave of sadness and rage and then disappear from sight. Willy contacts Grant for help but he is about to go off on an expedition to send a Yeti back to the other dimension where he belongs so Grant will not be coming to help. Instead he says a famous horse whisperer from the Department of Unexplained Events or DUE will be coming to take care of the problem. As they bicker a bit on the phone, Willy breaks her engagement to Grant feeling she doesn’t really know him; after all, they got engaged within days of meeting each other.

Soon, the cowboy comes to town to help contact the magical mares and help them return to their dimension. And what a cowboy Ty Farraday turns out to be! Willy is immediately attracted to Ty but has problems convincing him that their focus should be the lost colt the mares are searching for instead of trying to find the mares. As her link with the hurt and frightened colt strengthens, the search for both the mares and the colt, becomes more intense. They need to save the colt in order to save the gifted residents of Paumanok Harbor because, if the colt dies, who knows what havoc the night mares will wreak.

Willy is delightful, her odd ball family and the town and fascinating. This is a delightful series. I read the first two books in two days and wanted even more. Further volumes in the series are #3 Fireworks in the Hamptons, #4 Life Guards in the Hamptons and #5 Sand Witches in the Hamptons.  (Click title for review) Highly recommended. ~~ Stephanie L Bannon

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