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Jane Yellowrock #2: Blood Cross
by Faith Hunter
Roc, $7.99, 321 pp
Publication Date: January 5, 2010
Blood Cross is the second book in the Jane Yellowrock series, following Skinwalker. It follows almost immediately upon the events of the first book.

To recap, Jane is a skinwalker with the ability to turn into any animal she chooses but her preference is to turn into a mountain lion. She shares her body... her soul... her being with Beast, in a complicated relationship that was partly explained in the first book but still hold mysteries for both Jane and us, the reader.

A rogue vampire is still loose in New Orleans, turning new vampires and letting them run loose to kill and maim at will. The vampire council has hired Jane to track and kill the rogue but the job soon becomes entangled with vampire politics as well as old and new cases of missing witch-children. The case takes a personal turn when Jane’s house is attacked by a powerful vampire and the young children of her witch friend are kidnapped to be used in a black magic vampire ritual.

Along with the serious problems of the case, Jane deals with the two men she is attracted to, the almost insane vendetta that Leo, Blood Master of New Orleans, has sworn against her, and attempts to learn even more about her mysterious past.

I had some time over the past month and with book seven in hand decided to re-read the entire series This is an entertaining series and highly recommended.~~ Stephanie L Bannon

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