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Expatriates: A Novel of the Coming Global Collapse
by James Wesley, Rawles (and yes, there is a comma between his names)
PLUME, $16.00, 299 pp
Publication Date: September 30, 2014
Do you believe in God, guns, and the good of your family above all else?   

This is the story of ordinary, heavily-armed citizens who believe peace comes only to those adequately prepared to defend themselves.  It takes place just before and during the socio-economic “Crunch,” the global collapse of governments and the end of life as we know it.  The U.S. Government and all the gold in Fort Knox is taken over by a Provisional Government (reminiscent of Tea Party or possibly Republicans or Democrats depending on your political affiliation) who ban all firearms, explosives, radio transmitters from citizens.  Armies of looters come and take over whole cities, disarming the men, raping women and taking them for slaves, and eating all the food.

During this time of hardship and strife, Indonesia takes control of the Pacific and is on its way to conquer Australia.  They are taking no prisoners and are killing, beheading, and raping Christians unless they will convert to Islam.  There are two pages of “Dramatis Personae” that include 36 characters who fight to defend themselves, their families, and their beliefs.  Some lay claim to only a paragraph or two of the story, but all are enthusiastically prepared for this apocalypse and all play a role in defeating the Indonesians in a bloody war and bringing the world to peace.  Amazingly, there is a happy ending:  Two good Christians who have supported each other throughout the book get married and the U.S. Provisional Government is overwhelmingly voted out by the people and replaced with Libertarians and the new Constitution Party candidates. 

This novel – fourth in a series of the Coming Global Collapse – was often as dry as a textbook containing lists of items needed to survive.  It is well-researched with a wealth of technical details and acronyms and a meticulous count of casualties.  In fact, there are 18 pages of glossary to explain the abbreviations, acronyms, and weapons types.  It is full of great survival tips, but only if you have unlimited currency (preferably gold, silver and goods for trade) and illegal access to automatic weapons, a stash of MREs and ammo, 24-hour armed guards, and the brains to have prepared by stocking all these things in advance.   And faith... faith that God will help you and your family to kill in order to survive and that He knows this is all justified for the righteous who fight for their religious beliefs. 

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