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by Charlaine Harris
Ace Books, $18.00, 195pp
Release Date: October 29, 2013
This is, purportedly, the last time you’ll see a book with/about Sookie Stackhouse. Ms. Harris has officially closed the book, so to speak, on Sookie. But, possibly due to the outcry of fans, she has provided post-scripts for our own closure.

This little book is simply a single page per character with an explanation of what happened after. For a bare handful, she tantalizes with words like “…and he/they had many adventures…” allowing yours truly to believe Ms. Harris intends to use them in a future series.

It’s a lovely little book with the signature cover art by Lisa Desimini but it is deliberately inflated to 195 pages by leaving the backside of each page blank. And most pages have only a few lines of script. So, don’t buy this book expecting a great deal of prose – not happening. But if you feel fondly enough about Ms. Harris and her characters, this might be just what you need for closure. ~~ Catherine Book

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