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November 1, 2019
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Darkness Devours
by Keri Arthur
Signet, $7.99; 392pp
Release Date: June 26, 2012
I like Keri Arthur so much that I dove right into this novel (the third in an on-going series of hers called “The Dark Angels.”) This is in the same universe as the Riley Jensen novels. But here the heroine, half-werewolf, half Aedh Risa Jones is Riley’s niece. I haven’t read any of the others, but this is as much fun as the Riley Jensen novels.

And Risa is up to her lovely derrière in paranormal chaos, just like auntie.

In the previous novel there was a struggle for the keys to heaven and hell. Two remain hidden but one has been taken. And several groups of baddies really want these keys because they can unlock the portals to heaven and hell and really wreak havoc here on mortal Earth. Whoever controls the keys will also not allow souls to move on to the afterlife and even more importantly not allow souls to be reborn. Meaning babies will come into our world soulless lumps of flesh.


To add to this mix, there is also this item about insanely strong magical ley lines converging in a certain area of Melbourne ( Australia ) which would also be a big coup for the baddies to control.

Oh, and in the meantime, the council of ruling vampires of Melbourne and Madeline Hunter Risa’s nominal boss and head of the Directorate of Other Races (which Riley also works for) is putting the pressure on. They want her to use her paranormal hunting skills to find out who’s destroying vampires and their blood-whores. And she has 72 hours in which to do this.

Luckily she has some help; Jak a werewolf reporter good at digging up the dirt on people; her demon sword Amaya which she carries with her always invisible but strapped to her back. And best of all a reaper—one who guides souls to their appointment in the afterlife—a gorgeous creature named Azriel who’s a “dark angel.” He can be invisible and remains at her side able to whisk them away from most danger. He is also very hunkalicious.

And there’s this Aedh named Lucian with who she has some old romantic history—and whose agenda in this tale is not real clear…

This is like diving into a noisy swimming pool. Refreshing: A perfect summer read with lots of cool characters, toys, graphic violence and very hot sex.

The book burns along at a super charged pace and I couldn’t put it down. ~~ Sue Martin

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