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January 1, 2020
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The Unincorporated Woman
by Dani Kollin & Eytan Kollin
TOR, $26.99, 412pp
Release Date: August 16, 2011

For some reason, probably wishful thinking, I thought this would be the last novel of this story.  But those sneaky, conniving, bas***ds are dragging this out to at least one more novel.  Why, you ask, did I want this to be over?  Not because it’s boring…quite the opposite, in fact.  I feel like I’m kept on tenterhooks.

Their premier book garnered the Prometheus Award.  This is the third book by the Kollin bros and they just keep getting better.  If you haven’t been keeping up, here’s a brief synopsis:  Justin Cord was a millionaire+ who had himself frozen for 300 years.  He woke up in a peaceful world where no one ever starves.  His problem?  No one is free, either.  Everyone is owned by someone or someones and you have to be pretty extraordinary to own your own majority of shares.  Your choices in life are governed by your shareholders.  Justin found like minds in the billions of humans who lived far from Earth; people who resented the incorporated society and were looking for a leader.  He became that leader and embroiled the entire human society in the most bloody and costly war ever known – but all in the name of freedom so that made it right….mostly.  I enjoyed the dichotomy of the story in the first book but the boys made it abundantly clear in the second novel that the incorporated society was corrupt and evil; although I was not convinced the society itself was bad, just the leaders.  In any case, whether you believe in their view of humanity or not, this is a real SF epic.  It has everything:  high ideals, space battles, romance, intrigue, horror and the most delicious sub-plot ever.

This third novel focuses on a second human who came from 300 years ago – the cryogenics designer herself.  She is set-up as the figurehead President of the rebellion but she definitely has her own agenda and every intention of winning the war for the people she has adopted as her own. She is also the only human alive to know there is a second war, just as deadly, being waged but unknown to all other humans.  And she recognizes their goal is the same – freedom.  Her machinations are fascinating to watch.  The story provides several viewpoints but the reader is never confused or lost.  The breaks are timely and smooth.  A thoroughly enjoyable SF story …without the least hint of fantasy!  I’m glad the boys are young enough to have lots of years of storytelling ahead of them.  ~~ Catherine Book.

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