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The Hunt for the Shalimar Stones
John David Gabriel King
Book Baby, $3.99; 98pp (Nook)
Release Date: August 8, 2011

Captain Morgan Stone and his trio of ships answer a call from his former love interest Diana. The Shalimar Stones were stolen and they have 72 hours to return them. Oh, and as we are reminded every few pages, Morgan is the Crown Prince (His dad is the King), his brothers command the other two ships, and he has angst about breaking up with Diana.

This book reads like a tenth grade English project where you have to have a certain word count to get graded. Things are repeated often enough that I was wondering if this was written for a third grader. Also: why, if they had space travel, would they have medieval style castles with a high tech safe? Other than to be a good target a castle offers no real protection from either attacking forces at that level or the elements ever.

It may have gotten better after the tenth chapter but I doubt it. I couldn’t make it any further. Save your money, banging your head on the keyboard can produce better results. ~~ Bob LaPierre

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